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Welcome to Faith Elementary AIG

Our program for AIG at Faith Elementary consists of inclusion and enrichment.  I go into the regular classroom for reading and math inclusion and pull my AIG students out of the regular classroom each day for enrichment.  AIG is for 4th and 5th grades only.  Students will be identified using third grade scores.  More testing will be done if needed.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Notes to Remember:

Singapore spiral review, aka math boxes,  are given out every other Monday.  The students take notes on how to do the problems for that week.  They should use their notes to complete the work.  They are to be completed and turned in by Friday. I will give them their work back on Monday so they can make any corrections needed.  The corrections need to be turned in by Wednesday. A quiz will be given on Friday pertaining to the skills on the boxes.  Students may use their notes on the quiz.  We spend two weeks on each set of boxes.

 Superstars are given out on Monday and due Friday. Superstars helps your child earn extra points on low math grades.

 I will not accept this extra credit turned in late unless the child was absent.  


Book Clubs:

The students have started book clubs in the classroom.  Their groups complete a monthly calendar to schedule when they are reading the chapters in the novel.  On Fridays, the clubs will meet in AIG class to discuss the novel they are currently reading.  Each month, the students will select a different novel to read.


Greek and Latin Stems:

The vocabulary that the AIG students will work on this year pertain to Greek and Latin Stems.  On Monday, I will give them their new lists of vocabulary words which will have some activities to be completed.  These activities due by Friday.  The next week we will do a few activities with the vocabulary words, but the students must study these words at home to do well on the test which will be on Friday.  We spend two weeks on each group of words before taking a quiz.


The boxes quizzes and vocabulary quizzes rotate on Fridays.  They will not have both on the same Friday, but will always have one or the other on Friday.


Field Trips:  

Detailed information will be sent home about each trip.

Dates for January:


 *If you have suggestions as to information you would like for me to include on this site that would be helpful to you and your child please let me know.  I love suggestions.




                                                                                              Dare to Dream it; Work to Achieve it!


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