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Dawn Young


Welcome to Mrs. Young's First Grade Class                                                                                                                                                  

Clifford's Club and


 In order to meet our goals we must have consistent discipline in the classroom. The following rules are being taught.

THE 4 B's

1. Be kind to everyone.

2. Be a good listener.

3. Be the best student you can be.

4. Be safe.

This year our discipline plan involves Clifford, The Big Red Dog. We have a display in our classroom of Clifford and his doggy dish full of bones. The system works with each child having a pocket. After several warnings for misbehavior, a child will have to pull a bone from Clifford's dog dish and put it in his pocket. If a child gets one bone, This is a visual reminder to fix the problem. Two bones, he moves away from others and note home. Three bones He losses privileges and note home .  Bones can be given back to Clifford if the problem is correct.   Each day is a new day and each child starts the day with no bones.

On Fridays, we will celebrate good behavior. We call it Clifford's Club. Children who have gotten no more than 3 bones during the week will come to Clifford's Club (  treat, treasure box, etc.). The consequences / reward system will change as the year progresses and the children learn appropriate behavior. Please let your child know that they are expected to behave at school. Behavior will be conveyed to parents in the daily agenda. If a bone is received, we will write a brief explanation in the agenda. If you child has ended the day without getting a bone they will be rewarded with a super stamp in the agenda.

Please help your child at home by going over the rules nightly . We appreciate your support. Also, parents, please use your child's agenda for questions regarding behavior.




Our lunch time this year will be from 10:35 to 11:00 . The cost is $ 1.90 per day. Please send money in an envelope labeled with the child's name and the purpose for the money.  $.60. Parents, please put ice cream money in a bag or envelope labeled with your child's name.  NO ice cream will be bought unless money is send in  for ice cream or I get a note to take money from lunch account.  We welcome you for lunch but please wait until we are " settled in" . It's really hard for some children to see Mom or Dad leaving without them after lunch. ( Adult Lunches are 3.50)


Agenda's/Thursday Folder

Your child will receive their own agenda. The agenda will be used to inform you of your child's behavior on a daily basis. Good behavior is stamped ( Super, Excellent, etc.) next to the date. If your child pulled a bone, the rule that was broken will we written into the agenda. Please sign that you have seen your child's agenda each day.

On Thursdays, your child will also bring home a Thursday Folder. This folder contains valuable information from the office/teacher. Please make sure to read the contents of this folder and sign and return every Friday. Please make every effort to keep this folder in good condition since it will be used all year.

The Agenda needs to be returned daily!




If your child is absent from school, please send a written excuse the day he/she returns to school . If you call and inform the office that your child is sick, you will still need to send a written note when the child returns to school. We need this for our records.

The tardy bell rings at 8:30 a.m. Children who arrive in cars after that time will be considered tardy and will need to report to the office for an admittance slip to class.



This is our Enhancement Schedule for the year please hang up on the refrigerator as a quick reference

  Monday :  PE   wear tennis shoes 

 Tuesday -  library

 Wednesday  -

Thursday -  Art  

Fridays-   Music and 4th grade Reading buddies



Other important events:

Field trips for the year:

Lazy 5 Ranch :    April 17th 

Horizons Unlimited:  Dec 4th 



I would like to welcome all parents to actively take part in educating their child by working with them at home, volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, helping with school functions, joining the PTA, purchasing classroom supplies, or anything else that helps your child this year. I would also like to invite all parents to visit, observe, participate, or volunteer in classroom activities and events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at (704) 279-2154. Also, do not forget to read with your child daily.





Online Games



PBS Kids



Fisher Price






Sesame Street

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