SIT Notes: 2-17-17

End of Year Plans -

**End of the year awards programs - Send the principal your intentions. She would like to do classroom celebrations not auditorium awards. 5th and K can do auditorium ceremonies.


June 7th - 5th grade fun day.
June 9th (last day) is an early release.
May 31st - testing starts.
Field day - Voted and decided on May 24th. No rain date.
May 30th - EOG Pep rally - At end of day (still deciding what this will be)
Friday June 2nd - Beach day for 1st grade (am)
Class Party needs to be on the 8th

Testing Schedule:

Reading EOG- May 31st
Math EOG- June 1st
Social Studies EOG- June 2nd
Science EOG- June 5th
Read to Achieve- June 6th

Other Notes:

We have some money to spend. Send in your gradelevel needs. Wishlist will be in the leveled library. Deadline to spend is next week.

We need to have over the summer planning to work with new NC Curriculum. We need to pick a day where everyone can be here from your grade level. Needs to be in August.

Some members of the board would like to get rid of the iPads for K-2. If you feel inclined, you may want to email the board members about this situation. They are voting on this issue on Feb. 27th.

Talkled about planning when you do not have coverage. You are not allowed to split your class between other teachers. TA's may tag team to cover classes.

**Agendas - Do we want these? Discuss with your grade level. District discourages us from using money to pay for these. We will have to use PTA money. Email the principal about this.

We are going to check on the cost of getting headphones for each student.

Need thank you notes for Citivan Club, Mr. Morriston, and Faith Fire Dpt. for the mulch.

Need thank you notes for the PTA for all their hard work lately.
Attending: Young, Hardin, Mauzy, Moyes, Dennis, Chisholm, Jenkins, Wagoner, Dowell-Reavis, Harriger


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FREE MEALS available to children ages 3-18 Open Sites for Summer Meals 2017 Operating June 15th - August 18th (Monday - Friday)
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If you do not want to allow Faith Elementary School or Rowan Salisbury Schools to release directory information on your child please print, fill out and return the form below to Dr. Dowell-Reavis at Faith.  opt_out_form_2_2.pdf
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